There are a million things that are way too complex in this world. Specifically talking about an organization- data growth, digitization, and multi-tenancy look even more complex– but going through and deciphering your data doesn’t have to be.

With our deep knowledge of data governance and advanced analytics, coupled with adequate risk, compliance and regulatory knowledge we bring great value to our clients who get to leverage new technologies that keep them ahead in the game.

HAR Group provides extensive data governance, information management and advanced analytics solutions that help put forth the organisation's potential by leveraging the company’s most valuable data assets and thereby increase HAR Group value.

We also help you access information held within enormous stores of data, fuse it with external data from third party providers and social networks and integrate it with the core business operations. We offer insights into your strategy and processes, contributing to the most effective decision-making. Data scientists at HAR Group help you source, cleanse, organise and interpret raw data into advanced business information through modelling and visualisation.

Our services include:

Data Governance

Upgrade your information governance strategy for the digital age with HAR Group’s Data Governance implementation services. HAR Group offers to provide lifecycle management that your organization needs to reduce risk without impacting productivity. It is done by streamlining how a company manages the lifecycle of content that powers business processes by providing flexible retention schedules, preservation for defensible discovery and content classification.

Data Quality

Data quality, consistency, thoroughness – the key to informed investment decisions through a centralized, managed custom program developed by HAR Group, that is real-time.

Metadata Management

As data continues to grow at a fierce pace and become more distributed, these are turning into critical processes which is why metadata management now plays a central, strategic role in driving digital transformation. Active metadata can be the key foundation of a well-architected data management system, yielding benefits across the entire lifecycle of data projects.

Master Data Management

A Master Data Management solution could be defined as something that binds your systems and information together. Our data scientists enable businesses to scale performance and capabilities in scale-up or scale-out configurations as required.

With Governance, Integration, Management and Security acting as the 4 pillars, we implement the best practices onto the Data Management strategies by planning it to fit your needs.

Database Auditing and Monitoring

Database auditing and monitoring is vital for the integrity and security of a database. HAR Group utilizes the Data Audit and Monitoring framework with industry standard tools to proactively identify structural changes or schema changes to enterprise databases. In addition, at HAR Group, we implement the best practices-based access management policies and procedures for enterprise resources thus maintaining and auditing access rights regularly.

Semantic Technologies

Enabling quick changes to an underlying schema without impacting the data itself is essential in ensuring continuity of operations without massive downtimes. HAR Group leverages an ontology, common semantic layer, that is decoupled from the data itself that allows automatic discovery of new data and incorporates quickly into the semantic layer. It also facilitates data federation which allows seamless integration across distributed data sources and data HAR Grouping across the environments.

Advanced Analytics

With our approach to advanced analytics, we can help you get your data in order to identify what’s most valuable to your business. We begin with understanding your business objectives and your vision for growth, followed by a plunge into your data universe and your existing business processes. Post which we’ll also help you accelerate your AI journey to transform your organization into an intelligent enterprise, which is future ready.

Descriptive and Diagnostics Analytics

This involves reading into historical data to derive insights through it and to deduce the what's and why’s. Basically, computing power utilizes current performance metrics to analyze why a specific outcome occurred. We make use of multiple analytics tools to perform core analytics, and present the results using BI tools.

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

In Predictive Analytics the use of real-world data is done to help businesses understand the most probable outcome of a given action.

In Prescriptive Analytics, applications show us how variables may affect outcomes, thereby providing guidance on the best course of action.

These are inclusive of cognitive intelligence utilizing Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Neural Networks.

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