At HAR Group, we understand that the discipline of project and program controls forms the basis for the successful delivery of your projects and programs. Our project and portfolio management services provide quantitative analysis along with qualitative communication systems and tools to streamline the interface with information, helping you and your stakeholders make informed and proactive decisions.

These services take on the critical function of tracking and reporting on project and overall program performance. Since our experts have a strong background in risk management, they are proactive in identifying potential issues and bringing them to your attention for early resolution, thereby minimizing the potential for surprises or disputes. We devise strategies, alternatives and recommendations for effective delivery solutions to meet your specific needs. Program portfolio management has evolved with time.

Our Program and Portfolio Management includes the following four capabilities:

Portfolio management

It consists of continuous management of the overall portfolio while periodically reassessing and governing the portfolio as well

Demand management

This segment involves collecting, evaluating, prioritizing, and approving demand, as well as winnowing out nonaligned project or solution ideas

Project/solution management

Here we monitor and control project and product progress, as well as resources, risks, issues, financials, scope, and quality

Business outcome management

It involves measuring the outcomes of project and solution delivery and comparing those outcomes to the business case promises made in the demand management cycle. It's often disregarded or performed poorly or as an afterthought, however, business outcome management is arguably the most important capability within the PPM framework.

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